100 words on what you think happens after we die.


After you die, your body is plopped into a coffin. This might feel unfamiliar, particularly if you’ve never worked in a cubicle. Epicurus said we shouldn’t worry about death, since it’s only the deprivation of sensation, but, being in Ancient Greece, he was probably just content with all the orgies. Ultimately, you’re an ephemeral configuration of atoms, predestined to return to the earth. So don’t spend too much on shoes. And each day slightly changes us, so we all die daily. Perhaps in the future we’ll upload our consciousness onto a computer and live forever as cute cats and pornography.

Adults who tell me to enjoy whatever stage I’m at in my life because I’ll miss it when I’m their age bum me out more than anything. Glad life just continues to get more disappointing, thanks

Portugal. The Man, Mac Miller In The Studio Together



Portugal. The Man and Mac Miller are in the studio together working on something. Check out an update below after the jump.

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Well this should be interesting